Ayushi Tilak


My name is Ayushi Tilak graduated from L.S Raheja school of Architecture with my bachelors in vocational subjects in 2022. As a student here I have seen myself grow not just as a designer but also as a person. ... This place has helped me learn, create and explore many exciting ideas in the design field. I was a very shy student in the start but this place gave me the confidence to portray my ideas in front of a large group of people. The college also helped me participate and win in competitions and supported me immensely through my journey. I was very lucky to have such a great experience.

Deepika Jain

Batch of 2022

I'm Deepika Jain a graduate of B.Voc of interior design from L.S. Raheja school of architecture. It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of L.S l. Raheja school of architecture where I have grown my knowledge in interior field. My entire department and faculty leave no stone unturned to shape one's future. ... My 3years has been a wonderful experience of learning and participating in different competitions. Huge respect, love and devotion to entire faculty and department who makes me stand where I'm today into this beautiful profession.

Krima Haria

Batch of 2022

I’m Krima Haria from batch 2021-22. I completed my Diploma in Interior Design from L.S Raheja School of Architecture in 2019 and, in order to advance my knowledge, I enrolled in the B.Voc Interior Design Program in 2020. I graduated from LSR in 2022. I was a mediocre student in my first year of diploma with little talents, but the teachers here saw potential in me and helped me hone my abilities. With their assistance, I was able to complete my remaining two years of diploma with flying colors and deliver exceptional work. ... The desire to learn more drove me to enroll in the B.Voc Interior Program, where I advanced my abilities in technical drawings, presentation, and Interior Design. I was also honored with ‘Best student of the year’, ‘Best student in Technical Subject’, and ‘Most Outstanding Student’ award during my academics and all the credits goes to my mentors who used to guide me in creating exceptional projects. I spent five years as a student at LSR, and I can tell you that no other school can prepare you for a successful career the way they can. They deliver outstanding education at all levels. Even during Pandemic, they made sure that the quality of education was not compromised in online lectures. The professors at LSR have played an important role in molding my life. They have provided us with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience we need to deepen our grasp of this field. They prepare the future designers with the confidence and experience needed to handle any challenge they will face throughout their careers. The professors at LSR are very supportive, they have given me the confidence, courage, and the strength to pursue my career further and complete my Masters in Interior Design from Coventry University, UK. I'm glad to be a part of this institute. Thank You.

Akshata Shinde

Batch of 2022

I am Akshata Shinde. I feel extremely lucky and grateful on saying this that, I was a part of this course- B.VOC and a student of LSR’s second batch of graduating students with a degree in Interiors Designing. This course not just offered the classic subjects in interiors but also gave importance to a subject called “Communication” I believe a strong command on your speech talks a lot about your personality, your vision and the ability to hold the other persons faith in you. There were other subjects like Basic Design which drew out the evolution factor and the artist poise out of me. ... While in electives, topic like Stall designing made me associate with various brands and helped me understand their strategy to impress the crowd with exclusive stall set up yet keeping the product as the highlight. Time management, balance and prioritising materials were the aspects that I took back from it. Aakar will be the most memorable college experience. Being a part of the Cultural team taught me to deal with large groups and execute events smoothly by cooperating and great team spirit. There was chaos, fun, last minute changes and sleepless nights but it was all for the people who were no less than a family. Doing thesis in pandemic was one mega challenge for us. Not meeting the faculty and getting their one-on-one reviews was making this designing journey difficult. However, we didn’t stop! We found ways! There were long online sessions and phone calls which gave us the courage to work. Heartfelt gratitude to our faculty who supported us and helped us even at odd hours. “You’re on mute” and “Please put your camera on” are some unforgettable words. A global pandemic couldn’t have been the reason to stop us. Eventually when Mumbai was moving towards a stable condition, we got the chance to attend college under government norms. Despite the risk our faculty was available for us and assisted in all ways possible. Yes, indeed it was a tough journey but I feel it was a just a training ground to prepare us for what the outside world holds for us. I have not just walked out being an Interior Designer but a person who’s always ready to face uncertainties dauntlessly and a person who’s always willing to learn and become a better version. A big thank you for the people who have walked this journey along with me and believed in my potential. Immense Gratitude!

Janhavi Khachane

Batch of 2023

I am Janhavi Khachane. I am a final year student of the Bachelors of vocation in Interior design degree program at L. S. Raheja School of Architecture. It is rightly said, “Success is where guidance, opportunity, and effort meet.” With extremely supportive mentors, numerous opportunities provided by this dynamic institution, and the motivation that it gave us for putting in our efforts, L.S Raheja School of Architecture has nurtured and moulded us into the individuals that we are today. ... Our academics and teachers not only taught us about this career in depth but also helped with the sharpening of our skills and the betterment of our personalities. We were provided with a vast collection of books at the library, interaction and visits to an automation company to understand the upcoming trends, industrial visits, engaging guest faculty lectures on subjects such as Vastu Shastra, and many other extracurricular activities such as workshops, seminars, and events at the Aakar annual festival. I will always be grateful to LSRSoA which has enabled me to attain a high-quality education for my upcoming future.

Prarthi Shah

Batch of 2023

I am Prarthi Shah from third year B.Voc in interior design at L.S. Raheja School of Architecture. As a student here, I have seen myself learn and grow with the constant motivation from our faculty who keep inspiring us to bring out our best. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn a number of things. The college not only aims to raise us as good interior designers, but also as good human beings by giving equal importance towards our holistic development. ... I chose this college because of the infrastructural facilities available here along with the big scope of success. I am proud of my worthy choice! The extra support provided by all staff members and mentors, during face-to-face classes and even during the pandemic, where we can reach out to them through our Microsoft teams meeting. This institute is a great place to study, having the chance to learn from very good and well-trained professors, all the college staff is amazing and very responsive. I am so lucky to be a part of this institute and I will only continue to express my gratitude in the future. Thank you

Anandita Sethi

Batch of 2023

My name is Anandita Sethi, and I'm a third-year B.VOC interior design student at the L.S. Raheja School of Architecture. Since this was a completely new profession to me when I began this course, I wasn't really sure what to expect from it. ... However, three years later, I've realized that my college and my teachers were crucial in giving me the academic knowledge and hands-on experience I needed to succeed in this field. My institution has also offered me the chance to take part in a variety of workshops, educational trips, and great festivals that were both instructive and entertaining. The finest thing about my B.Voc faculty was that they constantly challenged

Aditya Nagda

Batch 2023

I’m Aditya Nagda graduating from L. S. Raheja School of Architecture batch 2023. It is believed that life is moulded in 20s, I’m glad that I choose this college for laying foundation of my dream career. Faculty members of this institution are highly cooperative and student centred. ... They inspire us to think in creative and innovative ways and motivate us to face new challenges, providing us an opportunity to think out of the box. The infrastructure of this institution is soothing and peaceful motivating us to study and concentrate more. The curriculum is well revised as per the present scenario with some fragrance of past learning’s hence creating a balance of both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Due to the global pandemic the first two years of our college was challenging for all of us but the faculty members ensured our studies don’t get hampered by any aspect and laid a strong base of our careers. The healthy competitive environment always pushed me to perform my best. I am grateful to all the faculty members for making me strong enough to face the challenges of the outside world with ease.