Learning Resources  

The college boasts a grand, spacious and well planned campus. The Institute is centrally located and is easily accessible by all modes of public transport. We strive to provide a healthy, safe and encouraging, learning environment to all our students.


The premise has well lit and airy studio spaces. Studio spaces have independant working tables and storage facilities for each student. The walls of the studios are lined with vibrant soft boards for displaying students’ work. The space is efficient and encourages students to use it flexibly and make it their own. 


Lecture Halls

Each lecture hall has smart projector facilities and a  public address system. This imparts flexibility in teaching and learning methods and encourages healthy interaction amongst faculty and students.

Infrastructure L.S. Raheja School of Architecture Top Architecture College 2
Infrastructure L.S. Raheja School of Architecture Top Architecture College 3


The college library is a knowledge haven which enriches teaching, learning and research experience for the students and staff. It is well stocked with more than 6000 books, 350 e-books, several design magazines and E- journal subscription on varied subjects like Design, Graphics, Construction, Interiors, Landscape, Architectural Theories and several others. The Institute takes continual efforts to keep this compilation updated and maintained.  


Computer Lab

The Institute encourages students to envisage, develop and represent their ideas in innovative ways. To support this vision, the Computer lab has forty computers equipped with the latest design and visualization softwares. 



The staffroom is a comfortable space for the faculty. It also accommodates cabins for the Principal and senior faculty. The Principal’s cabin and staffroom are always open for students. Students can approach for additional guidance or any other concerns. 


Co-curricular facilities 

Multipurpose Hall

A fully air conditioned multipurpose hall becomes an integral part of a students journey in the institute, from Orientation day to the Convocation ceremony.   

This hall is aureate, well furnished and fitted with a state of the art public address system, making it a perfect setting for several co-curricular and extra curricular events through the year.  


Seminar Hall

A hundred seater seminar hall is also available for various lectures and seminars conducted for the students throughout the year.


Art Court Display area

We at L.S. Raheja, value the creativity, talent and efforts of all our students. We have exhibition and display areas to showcase work of students from time to time. This encourages students and promotes exchange of ideas across various classes in the Institute.


Material Bureau

Along with theoretical knowledge, to ensure a well rounded education a material bureau has been set up. The Bureau has latest material samples, catalogues, application brochures and joinery prototypes. Being able to see materials upclose, gives students better visualization and understanding of all it’s possible applications.  


Surveying Lab

The surveying lab has equipment to train the students on various methods of land survey. These land surveys are used by students to create site drawings before design can begin. 


Climatology Lab

The climatology lab is equipped with instruments to measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind flow, wind direction, etc. This enables the students to understand the environmental factors and its impact on design.

Heliodon is a device used to simulate the sun and shadow patterns that occur at various locations and times across the surface of the earth. This device helps anyone to simulate the sun and shadow patterns that occur at different latitudes and helps to evaluate sunshade data accurate enough for education or demonstration purposes.


Carpentry Workshop

The college has a wood and a metal workshop with necessary machines and tools. This gives an opportunity to students to explore various techniques, materials and also gain valuable hands-on experience.  

LSRSOA_Workshop (1)

Construction yard

The construction yard becomes the site of several creative endeavors and workshops. This space is used by students to create awe inspiring installations, life scale arches, creative wall bonds, prototypes of roofs, modifiable furniture and many more such interventions.  

Allied facilities 


Medical Assistance

The Institute cares for its students well being. Along with basic first aid being available on campus, a general physician visits the institute every afternoon. The institute also has a psychologist visit once every week. Students who need assistance can make appointments and avail this free of charge facility. 

The campus also has separate boys and girls common rooms, accessible to all students. This a space meant only for students. They use this space for group activities, co-curricular and extra curricular participation, student council initiatives and many more.

Universal Access

The institute strives to provide its students universal access. The building is planned to give a barrier free access to all its spaces for physically challenged students. There is provision for ramps, elevators, wide lobbes and doors to ensure ease of movement. The driveway till the entrance of the institute allows access by all vehicles. This ensures easy approach and exit in case of any emergency. 

The entire campus has also been equipped with wireless internet access for its staff and students within the premises. This facilitates work and access to information wherever they are within the institute. 

Common rooms

Safety and Sensitivity 

The Institute takes special efforts in providing a secure, healthy and sensitive atmosphere for all it’s students. The premise has very efficient security personnel and fulltime CCTV surveillance, who ensure the safety of all our students and staff. 

Dedicated male and female staff is employed to sanitize and clean the premises on a daily basis. Clean drinking water fountains are installed on every floor. The washrooms are cleaned thrice a day and female washrooms are fitted with sanitary pad dispensing machines. 

The college encourages and supports the formation of a Student Council every year. The Students’ council works in tandem with the faculty and staff to enrich each student’s journey at the Institute. The students can also approach the Students’ council for any grievances. The Council then approaches the concerned committees for an efficient redressal process.  


Green Initiative