As India welcomes the 75yrs. of independence with “AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV” The faculty of Architectural fraternity celebrate with special hope! Our hope has bearings in the knowledge of space design, people, their history and ability to capture expanding technology.  Architecture entwines the old (history) while welcoming the new possibilities (technology) and challenges to shed dogmas (what is good design….?). Celebrations call for a glance backwards over our shoulders while the future beacons us ahead. Thus for an astute mind glancing in the future and cruising the past with bearing of present would best be answered by questions and queries asked /shared and challenged through constant dialogue of EDUCATION

We could ask 75 such fundamental queries to search for larger learnings and knowledge of ARCHITECTURE as we usher in the next 25yrs. to 100th – “Century” of golden years of independence.

Queries which question our dogmas of History, Technology and Design.

  1. What are the methods by which we can conserve our rich knowledge and traditional wisdom through research and documentation?
  2. Can technology be examined and implemented by architects understanding its long term impacts vs aggressive use of engineering solutions to construct?
  3. Can the design processes be intensely trained, evaluated and appreciated with the foremost concern of response to the regional context?

Queries that dive deeper into our understanding Ecosystems, Environment to achieve ecological balance. 

  1. Can our education of the architecture environment be taught under the larger umbrella of Ecosystems and Landscape?
  2. How can our curriculum include specialty topics related to resilience of climate resilience, flood mitigation etc. which is the need for the day!!

Queries that look for design applications which are sensitive to People and Place. 

  1. How can we address and encompass changing trends for design process and application through a major shift in the stakeholders from patrons/ the elite to the participation of the common man? 
  2. How can we bridge the gap between our aspirations of design and the needs, aspirations and wants of the society at large?

Queries that derive new meaning to Learning and Teaching Architecture.  

  1. Can pedagogical approaches be assessed and updated with futuristic and real time needs?
  2. How can one bridge the gap between practice and industry?

Each faculty of architecture can add to this list of queries with their own interpretation and understanding…. 

AMRIT shall follow when each of us take it to heart to address and implement some of the queries, if not all in years to come. This process shall then be A “MAHOTSAV” in the real sense to welcome a better future for INDIA JAI HIND!!

Ar. Uttara Nalawade,
Associate Prof.

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